Ac Ambulance service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ac ambulance service is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bangladesh Ambulance Service company provide Provide different types ambulance service like: Ac ambulance, Non-Ac ambulance, Freezing ambulance, and ICU Ambulance service. We Are Just A Call Away. Contact Us Now

Bangladesh Ambulance service

Bangladesh Ambulance Service company is the best ambulance service provider in Bangladesh. Just call our helpline to get an ambulance service. We provide ambulance service 24/7 hours and an ambulance is always available. We do not charge extra in affected or dangerous moments. Dhaka Our ambulance service in Dhaka is always active at any time, in any situation. Just call us for an ambulance but we’ll get to you no matter what. We always work for a developing country and to help patients reach treatment or hospital. If you need a general hospital helpline number, you can call us for the Collette helpline number to contact them. Always call us for an ambulance service.

Emergency ambulance service

We have many types of ambulance services. Such as AC ambulance service, non-AC ambulance service, and freezing ambulance service. Our ambulance service is the best service in Bangladesh. Just a call our helpline to get an ambulance service. We provide emergency ambulance service 24/7 Hours and an ambulance is always available. We did not take extra charge in the dangerous moment. Our team is always ready to provide ambulance service for the people.

Ac ambulance services

An ambulance service including Acacia and all the districts of Bangladesh This ambulance service is more comfortable and luxurious than the non-AC ambulance service. our Ambulance Service is one of the largest ambulance companies in Bangladesh. The Ambulance Company is a reliable and significant ambulance service in Bangladesh. We specialize in transporting critically ill patients through accidents, pregnancy, and heart-stock, etc.

Best Ambulance Service

The best Ambulance are very comfortable for both the patient and the person accompanying the patient. The bed, pillow and all things are properly sanitized keeping the patient safe from germs. The patient has a seating capacity of 8 to 9 people apart from the bed. Wheelchairs, oxygen cylinders and stretchers are always available with the ambulance. There are no additional charges for getting these services. We guarantee 24-hour service in case of any emergency, or national holiday or natural disaster.  

We all know the traffic situation in the city. And air pollution is even more horrific. A good person gets sick if he stays in Dhaka and loses his breath. Breathing polluted air, the patient’s condition may worsen. So an AC ambulance is highly recommended to take the patient from his home to the hospital. In case of any emergency, call our hotline numbers directly at Our AC ambulance service is affordable to almost everyone because our main goal is not to make money but to provide a good service and save lives.

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